ESG Investing

Fortunately, there is now a new way to throw the power of your wealth behind issues you care about.

It is called ESG investing, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It incorporates a dual mandate that allows you to invest your wealth for the purpose of earning a financial return, while simultaneously impacting the causes you care about.​

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Build Your Nest Egg

ESG doesn’t require that you give more of your money away or that you put your financial future in jeopardy to make a difference.

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Impact the World

ESG opts-in to companies that are making positive impacts in the three factor areas, so you can align your investments with your values.

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Join the Movement

ESG is not new, but it has evolved and is moving to the forefront of decision-making for investors around the globe.

ESG Trending in the News

Raise Your Shareholder Voice

Investors have the power to fight for their values, and As You Sow, the nation’s leader in shareholder advocacy, makes it possible. The non-profit organization works directly with corporate executives to move companies toward taking greater responsibility for the social and environmental impact of their operations.

As You Sow’s Invest Your Values free online tools screen mutual fund holdings against specific environmental, social, and governance issues. Mutual fund investors can know what they own, and can align their investments with their values. This transparency not only helps investors, it also encourages fund managers to construct and offer responsive investment vehicles, and it exerts market pressure on companies to improve.