​About the Author

Haleh Moddasser is a Senior Financial Advisor at Stearns Financial Group and the Managing Partner of their Chapel Hill office. Over the last ten years, Haleh has built a practice devoted primarily to women and their financial empowerment, a topic about which she is passionate. In addition to her client engagements, Haleh has written about women and finance and has frequently been interviewed for national media outlets such as Forbes, Barron’s, Reuter’s, Bloomberg, and Kiplinger’s among others. Haleh also has spoken at various conferences around the country; most recently at Harvard's Chan School of Public Health.

In 2017, Haleh published her first book, "Gray Divorce, Silver Linings: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce after Age 50," to address the financial implications of divorce among long time couples – a trend that is on the rise among aging boomers. Haleh’s newest book, "Women On ​Top: Women, Wealth & Social Change" is focused on investing with social impact. In this book, Haleh encourages women to invest their wealth with a mind toward doing good in the world while also doing financially well for themselves. By investing in sustainable companies, Haleh maintains that women can support social causes such as climate change, gender equality and more effective gun control while still earning comparable returns on their money.

Haleh is a longtime resident of Durham, NC, has two adult children and enjoys painting and traveling with her husband, Gabe. When time allows, Haleh conducts painting classes for aspiring adult artists and has occasionally exhibited and sold her work.